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About Us - The Pool Regulation Authority

The Pool Regulation Authority (PRA) is an independant not-for-profit Company limited by guarantee registered in the UK. Its primary role is to ensure good governance within the sport of Pool. The current PRA Board comprises of: Nigel Mawer QPM, Chris Hornby and Dave Jones. They do not represent any other body within Pool. They are independent individuals who provide a cross-section of views and experience from different backgrounds.


The aim of the PRA is to be recognised as a regulatory authority for Pool worldwide with responsibility for providing and administering rules and regulations that will improve the image and profile of the sport within the professional and amateur ranks.


The PRA Conduct Regulations are the cornerstone of its activities and include the following:

1. Conduct regulations for players,

2. Anti-Corruption and Betting rules,

3. Disciplinary Rules

4. Anti-Doping Rules

5. Safeguarding​

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