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Nigel Mawer QPM

PRA Chair

Nigel is the Chair of the PRA and manages the day-to-day running of the organisation. He is very experienced in dealing with investigations and hearings in sports disciplinary and corruption cases.
As well as his involvement in Pool, he is the Chair of the Darts Regulation Authority and is the independent regulator of professional Darts and affiliated amateur Darts organisations. He is the Vice Chair of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association and deals with all anti-corruption issues in snooker. He is a freelance specialist advisor in the areas of sport regulation, integrity in sport and anti-corruption. He has worked with all the main sports on sports integrity and sits on the Sports Betting Integrity Forum and Sports Betting Group in the UK. He is a Sport Resolutions UK Panel of Arbitrators Special Member.

Chris Hornby New.jpg


PRA Director

Chris is a Director and General Secretary of the PRA. He is an experienced project manager with a background in local government who has created and managed policies for the WPBSA where he is the Company Secretary and Chief Operating Officer. He has worked on sports related corruption cases in snooker. He leads on the delivery of anti-doping for snooker and with UK Borders on player visa issues.


PRA Director

Dave is a Director and leads for the PRA on anti-doping, drug testing and player education. He performs a similar role with the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA). He organises and manages Drug Testing in Professional Darts. He is a member of the DRA Disciplinary Committee. Dave is an experienced investigator with a successful background in both law enforcement and the private sector. He had a 28-year career in with the Metropolitan Police where he was involved in numerous serious and highly sensitive criminal investigations involving corruption, violence and fraud. Subsequently he has had a successful career in investigation in the private sector
where he has investigated matters of bribery, corruption and integrity in a number of jurisdictions; where his experience of financial investigation, various evidence gathering techniques, and intelligence analysis have proved invaluable.



Chair of the Independent Pool Disciplinary Committee

Tim has spent many years in the legal profession and is a practising lawyer. He has considerable experience in delivering Disciplinary Hearings for sports. In addition to his role with the PRA, he has the following roles in sports governance:

• Disciplinary Commissioner for European Hockey Foundation

• Member of the Judicial Commission for the Federation of International Hockey

• The independent Disciplinary Chair for the World Professional Billiards and Snooker

    Association (WPBSA)

• Chair for England (Amateur) Boxing Disciplinary Panel

• Chair of the Darts Regulation Authority Disciplinary Committee

• Disciplinary Panel Member for England Netball

• Member of Panel of Arbitrators of Sports Resolutions (UK)

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